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Los Feliz Hillside Home

A few months back I got to shoot  architect Donna West’s home up in the hills of Los Feliz.  She designed it herself and its such a great combination of modern and classic design.  A friend of mine was house sitting for her and added a few touches of her own – coral reef, her collection of mortar and pestals, and some artwork.  I really liked these rustic items layered on top of the modern architecture.


Wouldn’t mind waking up to this every morning.  The house has an interesting open floor plan – this window is in the largest room in the house , it is at the center of the house and is  the room you would enter into from the  front door – however  it also acts as the bedroom.   So this is literally what you see when laying in bed.  Off to left is the kitchen and living room and to the right is a hallway and bathroom.

The kitchen was probably my favorite room of the house. Here you can really see how Donna plays with modern & rustic design. She designed white streamlined cabinets but then brought in this gorgeous 10 foot long farmhouse table.



I want to stare at these windows all day long.


Here’s what the outside of the windows look like – also very beautiful.  I love Donna’s attention to detail.


The bathroom featured concrete walls and unfinished wood accents.


I cannot  stop starring at this concrete backsplash. I love the subtle texture and color


Below is a little reading corner nestled against the window and behind the low bookshelf is a little nook where a single mattress fits.




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A little bit of Greece in East LA




I love these types of courtyard ‘apartments’ – you can find them all over Los Angeles and in many different styles.  I  pretend that all the people that live in them are all best friends and constantly hang out  in the courtyard eating kale and homemade yogurt.




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