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Round Up: Gifts for him

So I just recently did a makeover of my boyfriend”s room (photos to come) and I was pretty nervous as to whether or not I’d be able to pull off  a more masculine design. Well I got the hang of pretty quickly and now all I want to shop for is mens stuff.  I’ve gotten Michael enough gifts so I thought I’d share a little gift roundup of some of the things I got him/convinced him to buy and other things that will have to wait for another holiday.

gifts for him via Neustadt

1. Shetland Sweater 2. Unknown Pleasures 3. Whiskey Decanter

4. Whiskey Tags 5. Horn Bottle Opener 6. Coal Coasters 7, Desert Mali Boot

8. Striped Beanie 9. Timex Watch

The whiskey decanter I got him for his birthday/Hanukkah./Christmas  and had his last name engraved into the wood stopper – and then of course bought myself one. I actually ordered it 7 months early because I’m not good at waiting for birthdays, but it was on backorder, then got sent to the wrong address  and then finally showed up on my doorstep right before his birthday.  I wish that happened every time I bought presents prematurely. The sweater is from JCrew – its so amazing that Michael , who is not exactly eager to spend upwards of $100 on a sweater, hardly needed any convincing by me to buy it.



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