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The new addition: demolition!

Demolition has begun! This is what my front yard looks like right now


All the rubbage still carries that musty stench, sooo happy to have it out.



I can’t tell you how excited I was when these hardwood floors were revealed. We had NO idea the 110 year old original hardwood floors were there. My landlord was originally planning on putting in new carpet or laminate wood floors due to her budget, so this was a wonderful surprise!  They’re so beautiful and in great shape – they’re getting refinished on Wednesday and I can’t wait to see how they turn out.


This is where the units will be connected. I’m hoping my landlord will be open to the idea of removing this carpet as well. Those same hardwood floors are hiding under there, it’s painful to know that beautiful amazing wood flooring is just laying there going un noticed. I grow more and more resentful towards the carpet as the days pass.


This was their kitchenette which will soon be my new office! I’ve never had a proper office space and am so excited! Ive been using the dining room table as my office, I keep my huge desktop computer for editing there -which renders the table useless for all other purposes. I’ had been trying to figure out a solution for this ever since I moved in. At first I was considering trying to go in on a shared office space, but I’m not quite ready for that financially. My other idea was to clear out some space in the laundry room and put a small desk in.  As a freelancer working from home, I think its really important to have a space that is dedicated to working. I’m planning on doing a built in desk, to maximize on space. My new office will be about 5 feet from the foot of my bed, so I’m going to make  a no working in pajamas rule for myself – to help keep me in the ‘work’ set of mind.


This is my new dressing room where I will sit and gaze in the mirror and brush my hair one hundred times before bed.


The bathroom is getting a complete make over. Everything is getting replaced, from the walls down to the pipes!  I found out I will not be getting a claw foot bath tub, sigh. Still excited for everything else we have in store though!  Stay tuned for my bathroom inspiration post!


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The new addition: before

My 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house is turning into a 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom house!  I rent 1 of 3 units in an old  historical house in Highland Park.  The second story is one unit, and downstairs is split into 2 units.  I had never seen in the next door unit but constantly day dreamed about connecting it to mine – and then my dreams came true. My neighbors moved out and  my landlord called and said she wanted to renovate the unit and join it to mine  – and the best part was, she said I could help design it.  The new addition consists of a bathroom, a bedroom, two closets and a kitchenette.  It was in definite need of some fixing up.   A strange  man and a women  lived there  for 10 years and I don’t think they opened a window the entire time.  The air was so thick with perfume, musk and mold – I had to hold my breathe the first few times I went in.  They were both un employed, drank bud light in the front yard at 8 am, and had a habit of collecting  furniture that people left out on the street. When I was moving into the house back in August, I left a small dresser on the sidewalk for about 5 minutes while I ran inside – by the time I came back out they had dragged it onto their porch and placed a potted dead plant on it. Also, the woman slept on the floor in the hallway….


This is my new bedroom. You can’t really tell how disgusting it was in there by the photos, perhaps the smell attributed to a lot of how dirty it felt. It’s safe to say it hadn’t been cleaned in years though.


This is opposite the bay window, that doorway leads out into the new hallway which will connect to my current place.


Here is the bathroom, and yes that is mold growing on the wall. I’m so excited at the prospect of getting to help design this new space. There was talk of a claw foot bathtub – but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.  Demolition starts soon, so stay tuned! 


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