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Get the Look: Ready for Spring!

Ready for Spring! Via Neustadt

1. Sun Body Teardrop  2. han kjøbenhavn timeless  3. Striped Crop Tee  4. Vintage Levis  5. Multnomah Clogs

I know it’s just barely January and the east coast is snuggled up in the snow but I’m ready for spring! I had my winter fix in Alturas, a small  town with a big sky and 20 degree weather –  I’m ready for longer days and warm nights.

 I bought the Sun Body hat this fall and love its timeless look. When I’m not wearing it, it  hangs on the wall in my entry way. My Han Kjobenhavn glasses, or Hank, as Michael and I have somehow come to refer to them are my favorite sunglasses right now.  I love their classic design and how versatile they are. Now – I had sworn off destroyed jeans 7 years ago but here I am gravitating towards the same look again, except this time they’re Levis not Abercrombie & Fitch.  Oh and those clogs….they’re everything you could ever hope for in a clog and so much more. 

As much as I enjoy high fashion,  comfort and functionality are really important for me . This is an outfit I can work in at the pottery studio, take off my apron and be ready to go run errands etc.


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January 9, 2014 · 9:41 PM

Get The Look: New Year’s Eve

Near Year's Eve outfit from NEUSTADT A Lifestyle and Design Blog

1. Gold Finger Sequin Pant  2. Crystal Wild Flower Necklace  3. Seaside Cropped Shirt  4. Jeffrey Campbell Carina Cutout

I don’t have time to go shopping for  New Year’s Eve but I’ve put together my ideal look for this year’s celebration. I’m not much of a dress and high heels girl, so I went with sequin pants – perfect for dancing and low heeled Jeffrey Campbell boots for comfort. I would wear these pants everyday if I could.  I layered this crystal necklace from J Crew over a casual stripped cotton shirt. I love this necklace, It’s really easy to dress it up with a dress or wear it more casually with a t-shirt or sweater. This year I’m headed to Malibu to go to some neighborhood parties for New Year’s.  There will be dancing, dogs, a canon being fired, whiskey and hopefully a lot of glitter – although Michael despises it for the very reasons I can’t get enough of it. My only resolution this year is to be more pro-active, in every aspect of my life.  Sometimes I find myself just waiting for things to come to me; friends, job opportunities, inspiration, etc. So this year I’m  going to focus on not letting myself get stuck in that mindset.  Here’s  to a happy and prosperous New Year!


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